Everything You Need To Know About Acne Skin Care
Everything You Need To Know About Acne Skin Care

Acne skin

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. Its appearance is influenced by many factors. The general mechanism of the formation of acne lesions does not hide any secrets. It all starts with the increased production of sebaceous gland secretions and the simultaneous hyperkeratosis of the epidermis. In such a situation, the sebum produced in large amounts cannot freely reach the skin surface and clogs the sebaceous glands. The secretions become trapped in the epidermis, forming first micro-blackheads and then closed blackheads. In adolescence, it is closely related to hormonal changes. Acne is no longer just a problem for young people, but has also become a common skin condition in adults.


So how to deal with the problem of acne skin?


The most important thing is to consult a dermatologist and properly selected acne skin care that helps to alleviate symptoms and keep the skin in good shape.

The key step is cleansing - when done well, it removes excess sebum and bacteria on the face. The second important issue is micro-exfoliation, which removes excess keratinized epidermis, regulates its formation, thus minimizing the possibility of clogging the sebaceous glands.

The third care is to restore the balance of the skin microbiome.


ABSOLUTE PURE (NESS) cleansing foam - cleansing

How? For cleansing and removing make-up in the morning and evening. When removing makeup, we recommend washing your face twice. The micro-exfoliating foam contains pink pomelo extract, rich in organic AHA acids, which accelerate the process of epidermal cell renewal, reducing excessive accumulation of the stratum corneum. The foam formula is based on biodegradable, plant-based washing substances that effectively remove dust, heavy metals and environmental pollutants from the skin, ensuring thorough cleansing of acne-prone skin, without disturbing the skin's hydro-lipid balance. Synbiotics (prebiotics and probiotics) ensure the balance of the bacterial microflora, which is disturbed in the case of acne-prone skin.


Vitalizing toning mist MINERAL SHOT - morning toning


how? For use in morning care - before cream and booster. The mist is ideal for morning skin refreshment and toning, but also for enriching acne skin with minerals and the necessary dose of hydration. All this thanks to bioactive grapefruit water, a moisturising complex of glucose and xylitol, as well as a bioferment of five minerals (silicon, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc beneficial for acne skin).


OVERNIGHT BEAUTY TRICK micro-exfoliating essence - toning and night micro-exfoliation


How? For use in night care - before cream and booster. Contains a complex of 10 exfoliating substances that accelerate and stimulate skin renewal, ensuring the effect of gradual micro-exfoliation. Thus, they remove the excessive amount of dead epidermal cells, reducing the risk of new acne lesions, smoothing the skin surface and reducing the number of subcutaneous lumps.


Liposomal rejuvenating booster MOOD'FLUENCER - serum stage


How? For use before the cream, after the toning stage. A booster that is ideal for acne skin care - thanks to the phytoplankton content, which soothes redness and over-reactivity of the skin, it harmonises the composition of the microbiome. KombuchkaTM - fills the unevenness of the skin thanks to the advanced lipofilling technology, making the skin reflect light differently, making it smoother and more uniform. 

Ultra-moisturizing adaptogenic cream SMRT SPLASH - creaming.


A cream that supports acne-prone skin with additional protective and anti-aging care. The complex of plant adaptogens increases the defensive abilities of acne-prone skin, which reacts more strongly to adverse environmental factors, e.g. free radicals, smog, harmful light from monitors. In addition, acne skin needs strong and multi-level hydration, which is provided by a complex of 3 types of hyaluronic acids.


Peptide cream for the eye area EYE-DEAL LOOK - care for the eye area


How? In morning and evening care, it is the last stage of care. Often focusing on caring for the biggest skin problem, we forget about caring for the delicate eye area, which in the case of acne skin is often overlooked in the morning and evening routine. That is why it is worth using the EYE-DEAL LOOK cream, which contains smoothing biopeptides from Quinoa seeds and an energising complex of plant taurine and carrageenan. The cream can be applied both under the eyes and on the eyelids.


Additional care


10-minute SKIN-EXPOSED exfoliating therapy


How? To be used 2-3 times a week, without rubbing too much, in the evening care, after cleansing the face with foam. Complements the micro-exfoliating action of ABSOLUTE PURE (NESS) foam and OVERNIGHT BEAUTY TRICK essence. Organic AHA acids, incl. lemon, glycolic, lactic, apple and tartaric acids as well as natural AHA acids derived from yellow fruit pulp (yellow mombin, bananas and mango) improve skin tone and reduce the risk of acne discoloration.


An instant beautifying mask PUMP UP THE BEAUTY!


How? After peeling or cleansing the face, before further care stages (essence, tonic, cream), turmeric oil obtained in the process of extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide, contains pure curcumin, which effectively nourishes, regenerates, improves the color and illuminates acne skin. A complex of eggplant and broccoli extracts, enriched with nobiletin (flavonoid lemon peels) , intensifies the natural detoxification processes, which are disturbed in the case of acne and contaminated skin.

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