Fall in love with your skin this fall
Fall in love with your skin this fall

Fall in love with your skin

this fall


Our skin in autumn needs special care and such care must be very careful.The skin loses its glow, becomes dull and dry, less elastic, which makes it less absorbent of the cosmetics used. So far fine wrinkles deepen, a vanishing tan may leave discoloration on the skin. The excessive amount of free radicals that is generated in the skin, e.g. as a result of radiation, it disrupts the processes of collagen and elastin synthesis responsible for skin firmness and its structure, weakening its natural protective barrier and making it more vulnerable to external threats. Therefore, it is worth knowing a few ways to restore the skin's freshness and healthy appearance.

#1 Exfoliation

The first step should be to exfoliate the epidermis.
This will help speed up cellular regeneration and remove dead epidermal cells that hinder the absorption of active substances into the skin. Regular exfoliation of the epidermis will also lighten discoloration, smooth wrinkles and reduce the number of blackheads.
The type of peeling used should depend on the type of skin. For those who are sensitive, we recommend enzymatic peels in particular. The product of the Alkemie brand - Beauty: Activate! Biomimetic enzymatic peeling - is a perfect choice for delicate and mature skin or with the first mimic wrinkles. Immediately after application, the skin becomes soft and pleasant to the touch. The rich content of active ingredients such as: Tsubaki oil, Kahai oil or blueberry wax, makes it also a pre-care product. The ingredients combined in this way leave the skin thoroughly cleansed of dead epidermis, leaving it intensely smoothed.

For normal, oily and acne-prone skin, we recommend Arkana
The 28D Flower peel Arkana progressive gel peeling is a 28-day controlled overnight home exfoliation program. The formula of this product contains natural AHA, BHA and AKA acids from hibiscus flowers, jasmine, daisies, meadowsweet with the addition of hyaluronic acid.
Perfect to regenerate, brighten, refresh and strengthen the skin.
The peeling is in the form of a delicate, fragrant gel, which we apply on the face in a thin layer in the evening for 28 days, followed by the proper cream. After a month of treatment, we can enjoy the effect of a bright, refreshed complexion, reduced wrinkles, greater skin firmness and elasticity, even color and narrowed pores.

Arkana UK, Maidenhead (2020)

#2 Intense corrective action

The second pillar of skin care after summer is reconstruction and regeneration. Solar radiation causes the skin's hydrolipid coat to be damaged, and thus it loses water and becomes dry and dull. The remedy then will be preparations containing, among others hyaluronic acid and vitamins.

Such cosmetic is, for example, MOOD'FLUENCER - Liposomal Rejuvenation containing sweet black tea ferment, which reduces signs of fatigue, at the same time restores the skin's radiance and healthy colour, as well as birch bark extract moisturising and reducing the skin tightening effect. The composition also includes a diatomaceous microalgae extract that soothes irritations and supports regeneration. The product additionally contains Abyssinian oil, which softens and smoothes the skin and prevents transepidermal water loss.


We also recommend the specialised dermo cream - Arkana Lactobionic 5% & Hyaluron Cream. Lactobionic acid contained in the cream regulates the exfoliation process, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, and also affects the production of hyaluronic acid in the dermis. However, the feature that distinguishes it from traditional acids is its low irritating effect, and on the contrary - soothing. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, it strongly moisturises, regenerates, soothes irritation, redness, and inflammation. Provides strong regeneration and renewal of the skin. Recommended as a day cream, it will work well in the care of all skin types, as well as the particularly sensitive and shallow vascularized skin. It is also perfect as a make-up base.

#3 Cosmetics with retinol - stimulation and renewal

The autumn weather is the perfect time to rebuild your skin. For this purpose, treatments with retinol products work best. Although it is mainly associated with rejuvenation and the fight against wrinkles, its effect is much wider. It reduces pores, normalizes the work of sebaceous glands, lightens discoloration, exfoliates dead epidermis, has an anti-wrinkle effect, effectively stimulating the cell renewal process.
We recommend retinol treatment for all skin types after the age of 25, when biological aging processes begin. However, remember to introduce it gradually, get your skin used to it, and take care of its proper regeneration and sun protection.

A great choice will be Reti Fusion Vecti + Cream SPF 15 - Rejuvenating Day Cream, which ensures the gradual and long-lasting transport of retinol and vitamins directly to the skin cells. A complex of stable and innovative active vitamins Vecticell® AEC has a strong antioxidant effect, protects against photoaging and stimulates regenerative processes.


#4 Regular, whole body care

Do you remember about body oiling? Oils are great stuff, and their power is really beneficial for dry skin. We can also oil dry hands and sun-damaged hair - thanks to GO! OMEGA GO! Oil against stretch marks with omega 3-6-9 you will see the results quickly! The oil strengthens the skin and adds incredible durability. It is important to moisturize and lubricate the whole body immediately after bathing, because water deprives the skin of the lipid coat, which is a natural protective barrier against fluid loss.



#5 Healthy diet and exercise

Autumn care is not only about cosmetics - it is also about taking care of the skin from the inside! Extremely important for the condition of the skin are: selenium, zinc, iron, copper and sulfur. The daily diet must also include products containing vitamin A, accelerating the regeneration processes of the skin, and vitamin C, stimulating the production of collagen, which is responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. Also remember to moisturize and hydrate the skin from the inside and drink water every day. Although the weather is not favorable - go for a walk, go to the pool, gym or yoga. Exercise by increasing the flow!

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